Investments & Savings

One needs to consider numerous questions when investing capital:

  • How much risk am I prepared to take?
  • What sort of return do I expect?
  • How long do I want to invest for?
  • What are the tax implications for me with this investment?
  • Is this a once off investment or will I be saving/investing on a regular basis?

At Searing Point Wealth Management Limited we offer a wide range of investment opportunities for those seeking capital growth and/or regular income from their investment decisions. With access to a wide range of fund managers and fund choices, you can be assured of getting the best financial advice and the right investment strategy for you.

We can guide and provide advice and administration on all aspects of investment covering the complete risk / return spectrum, for example:

  • Deposit Accounts
  • With Profit Investment Funds
  • Guaranteed Investment Products 100% capital security
  • Stock Market Investments via unit linked funds
  • Property Investments, through pooled funds

We can give you advice on choosing a single investment, managing a diverse portfolio or reviewing your existing investments.

Mother and son lying on grass admiring a flowerGaining an in-depth understanding of our client’s investment objectives through building good relationships and understanding risk profile, time frame and overall financial structure is the foundation of our investment approach. This is then combined with our knowledge of investment markets, investment products and fund management to produce a specific recommendation, tailor-made for each client.At Searing Point Wealth Management Limited, we constantly monitor the progress of world markets, equities, investment funds, and new products. This allows us to regularly update our clients on market changes, new products and developments in the market place.

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