Upon retirement, will you be able to maintain your current standard of living on the state pension of €248.30 per week?

If not, then you have to plan ahead and start saving now in order to supplement your income then. It is never too late to start a pension but obviously the earlier you start the easier it should be to achieve your target fund at retirement. If you already have a pension, we would advise that you review it on a regular basis in order to ensure that you are on target to reach your desired fund at retirement.

Pensions are tax efficient long term savings plans for retirement. You can claim tax relief at your marginal rate on the premiums, your savings growth is tax free and you can take a tax free lump sum on retirement. There are many different types of pensions to suit all circumstances such as non pensionable employees, employees with existing occupational schemes, employers, self employed and company directors.

Below are the various types of pensions Searing Point Wealth Management Limited can assist you with:


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