Company Pensions

Company pension plans are occupational pension schemes and could be the ideal way for you to build up a retirement fund if you are a proprietary director (owning or controlling 5% or more of the shares in a company) or a company employee.

It is a Revenue requirement that your company invests in your executive pension but you can also choose to make additional voluntary contributions yourself.

It is a very tax efficient way of providing for your retirement, as both you and your company benefit from generous tax reliefs on contributions to your pension. In addition, your money grows tax-free until you retire.

Executive pension plans also offer a great deal of flexibility as you can:

  • Stop, start or vary your contributions at any time
  • Invest directly in all the main asset classes including equity, property, fixed interest and cash deposits
  • Pool your other eligible pensions into an executive pension plan
  • Keep your fund invested or transfer it to another pension arrangement when you change employment

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